Frequently Asked Questions

 This is the best spot to find common questions and a great place to check before messaging us.

Q: I got an email saying my order has shipped but my tracking still says "pre-shipment".

A: : If your tracking is still in pre-shipment, that means that the tracking number was assigned in our system but your package has not yet shipped. Many times we "batch" print shipping labels to save us time. Don't worry, your order is safe in house. Please be patient with us, we are a small teamed business and are working our hardest to get your orders out quickly.

Q: When will a plant be back in stock?

A: Unfortunately, we don't typically have a restocking for plants as we don't know when they will be ready from the growers. As soon as plants are ready, we order them. Unless it is something we have special ordered or are waiting for, unfortunately the answer you will most likely receive is we don't have an estimated date.

Q: I have an order that hasn't shipped yet, if I place another order can they be combined?

A: Yes we can combine any order up until a week after the first one was placed. When combing orders, make a note at check out under the note section saying you would like to combine orders, along with your original order normal. No need to message us! After we get the final weigh in from USPS, we will refund the difference in the shipping cost.

Q: Will I receive the exact plant that is pictured on your website?

A: While we can't photograph every plant we have in stock since we get a large number of each plant in at a time, when picking the plant to photograph we try to pick one that represents the median size of that plant. Every plant is of course unique and different in its own way and are not guaranteed by its leaf or stem count.